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Crop Top Sheer Button Up Cardigan

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Sheer Elegance: Contemporary Sheer Knit Cardigan for Effortless Styling - Discover Versatile Sophistication in Every Thread

Discover the enchantment of our Sheer Knit Cardigan, a masterpiece of delicate craftsmanship. This short-length cardigan is a fusion of transparent knit fabric, meticulously woven from sheer threads, creating an ethereal effect. Its compact design exudes contemporary charm, perfect for today's fashion-forward trendsetters.

Indulge in the endless possibilities this cardigan brings to your wardrobe. Its versatility allows you to curate looks that reflect your style, adapting effortlessly to your innerwear choices. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this piece is designed to transcend seasons and trends, making it a timeless addition to your collection.

The delicate sheer threads in crafting this cardigan require special care to ensure its longevity. We recommend a gentle hand wash or machine wash with mild detergent to maintain its ethereal allure and structure. Avoid harsh agitation and opt for cold water to prevent damage. When storing, keep it away from rough surfaces to prevent snags.

The Key Features of this Crop Top Sheer Button Up Cardigan:

  1. Trendy Short Length: The cardigan's abbreviated length adds a touch of modernity, allowing you to pair it with various outfits effortlessly.

  2. Flattering Silhouette: The fabric's balanced firmness ensures a silhouette that's both flattering and comfortable, accommodating diverse styling preferences.

  3. Versatile Styling: Experiment with different looks by wearing it open or rolling up the sleeves, offering limitless options for layered ensembles.

  4. Elegant Sheer Effect: The sheer knit material offers an alluring see-through effect, subtly revealing while maintaining the right degree of structure.

  5. Chic Color Palette: Choose from three captivating shades—timeless black, silver with delicate lame threads, and refreshing mint—for versatile styling in any setting.


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Expertly crafted from a sheer knit material that strikes the perfect balance between transparency and firmness. This fabric choice guarantees an alluring sheer effect while providing just the right structure. Available in three captivating colors: a sophisticated black with a mature allure, a silver shade interwoven with delicate lame threads, and a refreshing mint hue.


Colors may appear different from the actual product due to lighting. Additionally, due to settings on the computer or smartphone, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image.


    Full length: 18.9 in, Bust: 42.2 in, Sleeve Length: 18.9 in, Shoulder Length: 17.6 in, Sleeve Length: 27.6 in, Neck Depth: 7.5 in, Hem Width: 13.6 in,


  • Material:   ACETATE 66% POLYESTER 34%
  • SKU:   SWNT232147
  • Imported

Carefully Caring for your Sheer Knit Cardigan

We appreciate your choice of our exquisite Sheer Knit Cardigan. To maintain its beauty and longevity, proper care is essential. This delicate piece requires gentle handling to prevent damage, preserve its shape, and ensure it remains a part of your wardrobe for years to come.

Hand Wash Instructions:

  1. Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add a mild detergent suitable for delicate fabrics.
  2. Gently submerge the cardigan in the water and soak it for a few minutes.
  3. Gently agitate the water without rubbing or scrubbing the fabric.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with cold water until all detergent is removed.
  5. Carefully press out excess water without wringing or twisting the garment.
  6. Lay the cardigan flat on a clean towel, gently reshape it, and roll it to absorb excess water.
  7. Lay the cardigan on a drying rack, reshape it to its original form, and let it air dry away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Machine Wash Instructions:

  1. Place the cardigan in a mesh laundry bag to protect it from friction and potential snags.
  2. Use a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent specifically designed for delicate fabrics.
  3. Avoid washing the cardigan with items that have zippers, hooks, or rough textures to prevent damage.
  4. Once the wash cycle is complete, promptly remove the cardigan from the machine.
  5. Gently reshape the cardigan to its original form and lay it flat on a clean towel to remove excess water.
  6. Place the cardigan on a drying rack and let it air dry away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

General Care Tips:

  • Avoid hanging the cardigan, as this may cause stretching and misshaping.
  • Keep the cardigan away from sharp objects and rough surfaces to prevent snags and tears.
  • Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, which may damage the delicate fabric.
  • Store the cardigan folded in a cool, dry place to prevent stretching and fading.
By following these gentle care instructions, you'll be able to enjoy your Sheer Knit Cardigan's elegance and charm for a long time. Its delicate nature requires your careful attention, ensuring it remains a timeless piece in your wardrobe.