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2022 AW 2ND



New Autumn Winter Drop

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22 AW 2ND







Our concept is “Street meets Formal” We fuse Street Culture with Elegance, while offering a unique style you can’t find anywhere else. We aim to create a style that enhances the beauty of a woman’s silhouette by being very particular and paying close attentionto detail. We bring to you a global brand for all fashion lovers!

SNIDEL is a world-renowned fashion label that is known for luxury petite fashion. For over fifteen years, our street style meets elegance aesthetic has been at the forefront of Asian fashion.

Our focus on petite clothes has made us a favorite from our home base in Japan to every corner of Asia. Now, we have taken New York City by storm and our American flagship store is the talk of the is our home online where you can find everything that is in our NYC store and more. Ordering with SNIDEL online allows you to shop anywhere in the United States without having to visit NYC. We want all of America to see our passion for fashion for petite women. NYC might be our American home but, we want you to be able to get our clothes and accessories delivered to your home wherever in America you might be.

Street style is a very important aspect of Japanese fashion. At SNIDEL we are proud of our Japanese heritage and use street style as a guiding aspect for all our collections. We believe that cutting-edge street fashion, combined with a keen eye for what is elegant makes for the perfect formula for Japanese-inspired petite clothing. NYC is the fashion capital of the world, and we knew we needed to be here. That is why we opened our American flagship store in 2018. We knew it was time to bring our unique collections of petite fashion to the Big Apple.

While we encourage you to come to New York and browse our shop in person, you can check out all our current collections online. You can even see past collections on, choose whichever clothes or accessories you love the most, and get them shipped to you anywhere in the United States.