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Fishtail Long Sleeve Collar Dress

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Elegance Redefined: Fishtail Long Sleeve Collar Dress

Step into a world of refined allure with the Fishtail Long Sleeve Collar Dress. An exquisite shirt dress that effortlessly blends elegance with contemporary style, it's designed to captivate from every angle.

The Fishtail Long Sleeve Collar Dress is more than a dress—it's an embodiment of your refined taste and confident elegance. Its versatile design, graceful movement, and attention to detail make it a canvas for you to curate your style.

The Key Features of this Fishtail Long Sleeve Collar Dress :

1. Graceful Fishtail Design: The dress boasts a fishtail design that's as graceful as it is alluring. The generous drape of the fishtail cascades with an elegant flow, adding an element of sophistication to your every step.
2. Cascading Feminine Silhouette: While embracing a loose silhouette, the dress expands with grace and flair as you move. This movement not only adds a touch of allure but also reveals a moderate hint of skin, enhancing your femininity in a subtle yet impactful manner.
3. Versatile Sleeve Styling: Equipped with buttons on the sleeves, this dress offers you a canvas of creativity. Experiment with different styling options—trendy arm slits for a contemporary edge or going sleeveless for a bold statement. The choice is yours.
4. Lightweight Rayon Blend Fabric: Crafted from a meticulously selected lightweight rayon blend fabric, the dress doesn't just offer comfort—it exudes sophistication. The subtle sheen of the fabric adds a touch of glamour to your presence, making it perfect for various occasions.
5. Captivating Color Options: Pristine White: A clean and timeless hue that's perfect for making a statement of classic elegance. Soft Pink: Infused with delicate femininity, this color option adds a gentle touch of charm to your ensemble. Striped Pattern: For those seeking a blend of style and seasonal appeal, the striped pattern lends a contemporary edge to your attire.


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Crafted from a lightweight rayon blend fabric with a subtle sheen, this dress offers both comfort and sophistication. It is available in three captivating options: pristine white for a clean and timeless look, soft pink for a feminine touch, and striped pattern for a stylish and seasonal appeal.
Transparent: WHT color only comes with a camisole 

Elasticity: None


Colors may appear different from the actual product due to lighting. Additionally, due to settings on the computer or smartphone, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image.


    size Length Bust Sleeve Length Shoulder Width Neck Depth waist hem width
    0 36.2 in 40.9 in 21.7 in 21.3 in 3.4cm 40.2 in 27.8 in
    1 37 in 42.5 in 22.2 in 21.7 in 3.3 in 41.7 in 28.5 in


    • Material:   DRESS RAYON 81% POLYESTER 19% INNER POLYESTER 100%
    • SKU:   SWFO232063
    • Imported

    Carefully Caring for your Fishtail Long Sleeve Collar Dress:

    Congratulations on selecting the Fishtail Long Sleeve Collar Dress by SNIDEL USA. Crafted with meticulous care, this dress exudes elegance and sophistication. To ensure its timeless allure and longevity, we've compiled precise care instructions for both gentle hand washing and machine washing. Treating this dress with care not only maintains its beauty but also prevents shrinkage, securing its place as a symbol of your refined style.

    Mild Hand Wash:

    1. Begin by filling a basin with lukewarm water.
    2. Dissolve a mild detergent suitable for delicate fabrics in the water.
    3. Gently immerse the dress, allowing it to soak briefly.
    4. Delicately agitate the water, ensuring the fishtail design and delicate fabric are treated tenderly.
    5. Rinse with cool water to eliminate all traces of detergent.
    6. Carefully press out excess water using clean towels, avoiding wringing or twisting.
    7. Lay the dress on clean towels, reshaping as needed, and let it air dry in a shaded, well-ventilated area.

    Machine Wash:

    1. Turn the dress inside out, safeguarding its delicate details.
    2. Place the dress in a mesh laundry bag to minimize friction during the wash.
    3. Opt for a gentle cycle using cold water and a mild detergent.
    4. Avoid overloading the machine to prevent unnecessary stress on the dress.
    5. Promptly remove the dress after the cycle to prevent extended exposure to moisture.

    General Tips:

    • Handle the dress with care, especially around the fishtail design and delicate buttons.
    • Refrain from using bleach or strong detergents that could compromise the fabric's integrity.
    • Refer to the care label for fabric composition and washing instructions to achieve optimal results.
    Following these care instructions diligently ensures the Fishtail Long Sleeve Collar Dress retains its elegance and allure. Your meticulous care preserves its timeless beauty, allowing you to wear it on countless occasions with the same grace as the first time you adorned it.