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Cup-in Tube Top

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Versatile Elegance: Cup-in Tube Top

Presenting our innovative Cup-in Tube Top, a fundamental addition to your wardrobe that effortlessly adapts to various ensembles. This ingenious innerwear piece is meticulously designed to provide functionality and style, making it a must-have for summer.

As the summer heat approaches, the Cup-in Tube Top emerges as an essential element for comfortable and stylish dressing. Its breathable design ensures you stay cool, while its thoughtful structure enhances your overall look.

The Cup-in Tube Top acts as a foundation and elevates your ensemble. Its seamless silhouette ensures a polished appearance without unnecessary bulk, allowing your outfit to shine.

The Key Features of this Cup-in Tube Top:

1. Effortless Pairing: The Cup-in Tube Top is engineered to seamlessly match various outfits, making it a versatile foundation for your wardrobe. Its adaptable nature ensures it pairs harmoniously with various garments, from off-shoulder dresses to chic blouses.
2. Shoulder-Baring Ready: The tube top design is tailor-made for shoulder-baring ensembles, offering a flawless and sleek transition beneath dresses or tops that showcase your shoulders. It provides the perfect layer for elevated style.
3. Complements Cropped Styles: Its minimalistic yet sophisticated style effortlessly complements trendy cropped lengths. Whether worn under a cropped sweater or matched with high-waisted bottoms, it ensures your ensemble remains polished.
4. Removable Plug-In Cup: The Cup-in Tube Top's ingenious design features a removable plug-in cup. This allows you to customize your level of comfort and support, making it adaptable for different occasions and preferences.
5. Easy-to-Match Colors: Choose from a range of three easy-to-match colors: classic off-white, timeless black, and versatile beige. Each hue adds to the piece's adaptability, ensuring it effortlessly blends with your existing wardrobe.


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size Length bust hem width
F. 5.5in 22in 11in


  • Material:   NYLON 94% SPANDEX 6%
  • SKU:   SWGG234667
  • Imported

Carefully Caring for your Cup-in Tube Top: Nurturing Your Wardrobe Investment

The Cup-in Tube Top is not just a versatile wardrobe piece but an investment in style and comfort. It requires a cautious and delicate approach to washing to ensure that this essential innerwear remains in its optimal condition and maintains its longevity. These instructions protect its shape, color, and integrity while preventing shrinkage.

Mild Hand Wash:

  1. Preparation: Prepare a basin of lukewarm water and add a mild, pH-balanced detergent designed for delicate fabrics. This ensures gentle cleansing without compromising the top's structure.
  2. Submersion: Immerse the Cup-in Tube Top in the solution, gently swishing it to distribute the detergent.
  3. Gentle Cleansing: Use your fingertips to lightly cleanse the fabric, paying attention to areas with potential sweat or debris accumulation.
  4. Rinsing: Rinse the top under cool running water until all traces of detergent are completely removed.
  5. Excess Water Removal: Press the fabric between clean, absorbent towels to remove excess moisture without wringing or twisting.

Machine Wash (Delicate Cycle):

  1. Laundry Bag Usage: Place the Cup-in Tube Top inside a mesh laundry bag to shield it from friction and potential snagging.
  2. Cold Water Selection: Opt for the delicate or gentle cycle on your washing machine and choose cold water to preserve the fabric's color and elasticity.
  3. Mild Detergent: Select a mild, pH-balanced detergent specifically formulated for delicate fabrics to maintain the top's integrity.
  4. Load Management: Avoid overloading the machine to prevent stress on the fabric.
  5. Delicate Spin Cycle: Choose a gentle spin cycle to remove excess water without causing strain after washing.

Drying and Storage:

  1. Air Drying: Allow the Cup-in Tube Top to air dry naturally in a shaded area away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Avoid using a dryer to prevent potential damage.
  2. Re-Shaping: While the fabric is damp, gently reshape the top to its original form to maintain its shape.


  1. Proper Storage: Store the Cup-in Tube Top in a cool, dry place with adequate space to prevent creasing or distortion.
  2. Protection: Consider using a breathable fabric cover to shield it from dust and light.

Following these meticulous care instructions, you're actively preserving the Cup-in Tube Top's aesthetics and durability. Treat it with the same care you'd extend to any cherished investment piece, and you'll continue to enjoy its benefits season after season.