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Bustier Sheer Knit Long Sleeve Tops

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Redefine Elegance: Bustier Sheer Knit Long Sleeve Tops

Experience the revival of a SNIDEL classic—the Bustier Sheer Knit Long Sleeve Tops. A symphony of snugly knit bustiers and voluminous sheer shirts, this masterpiece crafts a sophisticated silhouette. Adorned with sheer organza, button-adorned slits, and versatile color options, it's a testament to timeless style.

The Bustier Sheer Knit Long Sleeve Tops are a story of fusion—classic meets contemporary, structure meets fluidity. As you wear this piece, you step into a narrative that marries the timelessness of a knit-bustier with the modern allure of sheer organza.

The harmonious pairing of the snugly knit bustier and the ethereal sheer shirt balances structure and freedom. It is an embrace of duality, embodying the myriad facets of the modern woman.

Sheer organza—the signature of sophistication—adorns the shirt section, introducing an element of mystique and charm. With every movement, the organza flutters, creating a dance of textures that captures attention.

The button-adorned slits on the sleeves present a novel twist. Offering versatility in fit and styling, they invite you to personalize your ensemble according to your mood and the occasion.

The Key Features of this Bustier Sheer Knit Long Sleeve Top:

  1. Iconic Revival: SNIDEL reintroduces this season's classic bustier docking pullover, celebrating enduring elegance with a touch of modernity.

  2. Harmonious Pairing: The snugly fitted knit bustier seamlessly complements the airy, voluminous shirt, bestowing a sleek and sophisticated silhouette that flatters.

  3. Sheer Organza Brilliance: The shirt section boasts a stylish twist with its sheer organza material. This trendsetting detail adds a layer of allure and contemporary flair to the ensemble.

  4. Button-Adorned Slits: The sleeves are adorned with deep slits and buttons, presenting the option to unfasten them for a relaxed, loose fit. This design element adds versatility and a dash of playfulness to the piece.

  5. Contrast Harmony: Crafted from moderately thick rib knit fabric, this exquisite top balances structure and comfort. Sheer organza accents infuse a captivating contrast, marrying textures and elevating the ensemble.

Choose from three stunning colors—dark gray for a chic and mature atmosphere, black featuring bi-color switching for added allure, and pink beige for a delicate and feminine light hue. Each shade becomes a canvas for you to paint your style.


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This exquisite piece combines a moderately thick rib knit fabric with sheer organza accents, creating a captivating contrast. It is available in three stunning colors: dark gray, exuding a chic and mature atmosphere; black, featuring bi-color switching for added allure; and pink beige, offering a delicate and feminine light hue.


Colors may appear different from the actual product due to lighting. Additionally, due to settings on the computer or smartphone, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image.


    Full length: 19.5 in, Bust: 27.2 in, Sleeve Length: 19.7 in, Shoulder Length: 21.3 in, Sleeve Length: 30.4 in, Neck Depth: 3.6 in, Waist: 22.5 in, Hem Width: 9.9 in,


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Carefully Caring for your Bustier Sheer Knit Long Sleeve Tops:

Nurturing Elegance and Longevity Through Gentle Care

Congratulations on acquiring the exquisite Bustier Sheer Knit Long Sleeve Tops—a fusion of sophistication and modernity. To preserve the allure and quality of this remarkable piece, it's crucial to approach its care with meticulous attention. Our comprehensive care instructions are crafted to prevent shrinkage, protect delicate fabrics, and extend the life of your garment. By embracing a gentle approach, you're ensuring your knit tops' lasting beauty and appeal.

Mild Hand Wash Instructions:

  1. Preparation: Fill a basin with lukewarm water. Select a mild detergent for delicate fabrics to safeguard the knit's structure and color vibrancy.

  2. Gentle Agitation: Submerge the knit tops in the water and gently agitate them, releasing dirt and impurities without stressing the fabric. Avoid excessive scrubbing or wringing.

  3. Delicate Soak: Allow the garment to soak for 10-15 minutes. This gentle soaking facilitates effective cleansing while minimizing friction and potential damage.

  4. Careful Rinsing: Drain the soapy water and refill the basin with clean, lukewarm water. Gently swish the knit tops to ensure thorough rinsing and the removal of all detergent residue.

  5. Excess Water Removal: To remove excess water, lay the knit tops flat on a clean, dry towel and press gently. Avoid wringing or squeezing, as these actions may distort the fabric and intricate patterns.

  6. Drying Protocol: Reshape the knit tops to their original form and lay them flat on dry towels. Allow them to air dry in a well-ventilated area, avoiding direct sunlight or heat sources that could compromise the fabric's integrity.

Machine Wash Instructions:

Note: Hand washing is highly recommended to preserve the knit tops' quality. Machine washing is an alternative, but extreme caution is advised.

  1. Mesh Bag Protection: If machine washing is preferred, place the knit tops in separate mesh laundry bags to protect them from friction and potential snags.

  2. Delicate Cycle: Opt for your washing machine's delicate or gentle cycle. Use cold water to minimize the risk of color fading and shrinkage.

  3. Mild Detergent Use: Add minimal mild detergent suitable for delicate fabrics. Avoid overloading the machine to prevent unnecessary agitation.

  4. Reduced Spin: Choose a reduced spin cycle to minimize stress on the fabric, patterns, and structural integrity.

  5. Reshape and Air Dry: Once the cycle completes, carefully remove the knit tops from the mesh bags and reshape them to their original forms. Lay them flat on clean towels to air dry, away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Your commitment to gentle care ensures that the Bustier Sheer Knit Long Sleeve Tops continue to grace your wardrobe elegantly. By treating this garment with utmost respect, you're investing in its enduring beauty and appeal.