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Barrier Puff Sleeve Cropped Knit Tops

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Elevate Your Style: Barrier Puff Sleeve Cropped Knit Tops

Rediscover the allure of our coveted cardigan from the previous season, now revived for the present. Introducing the Barrier Puff Sleeve Cropped Knit Tops—an embodiment of elegance, versatility, and chic fashion. With new pattern variations for each color, this wardrobe essential guarantees to elevate your appearance.

The Barrier Puff Sleeve Cropped Knit Tops aren't just garments; they're statements of self-expression. From the intriguing check patterns to the impeccable cropped design, every facet speaks of your unique fashion journey. Let each variation reflect your personality and taste, making every ensemble a canvas for creativity.

As you adorn these knit tops, the voluminous sleeves dance with your movements, adding an air of femininity that captures your attention. Whether you choose to wear them as chic tops or layer them as cropped cardigans, their versatility ensures you're equipped to seize any style opportunity.

Crafted for comfort, these knit tops envelop you in luxurious textures, enhancing your experience with each wear. The tactile sensation of the fabric is a testament to the thoughtful construction that marries fashion with well-being.

The Key Features of this Barrier Puff Sleeve Cropped Knit Top:

  1. Patterned Perfection: This season, we introduce captivating variations with different patterns for each color. From classic gingham checks to charmingly intricate designs, every choice tells a story of individual style.

  2. Cropped Sophistication: These knit tops' cropped length and sleek silhouette ensure you make a bold fashion statement. Embrace contemporary trends while maintaining timeless elegance.

  3. Feminine Flourish: The voluminous sleeves with tucked detailing exude femininity and grace. Elevate your style elegantly, as the sleeves gracefully highlight your poise and sophistication.

  4. Dual Functionality: Designed bottom-up, these knit tops seamlessly transform from stylish tops to cropped cardigans. Enjoy the flexibility of creating diverse looks, whether dressing up or down.

  5. Comfort Beyond Compare: Crafted from a luxuriously smooth and comfortable knit material, our tops guarantee cozy wear. Revel in the pleasure of soft textures against your skin, embracing comfort as a core style element.

These color options cater to your diverse style palette and are available in black with gingham checks, mocha, and saxophone adorned with charming checks. Embrace the power of patterns and colors to curate ensembles that resonate with your aesthetic.


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    Crafted from a smooth and comfortable knit material, our knit tops are bottom-up. They could be worn as a top and cropped cardigan, guaranteeing cozy and pleasant wear. It is available in three captivating colors: black with a gingham check pattern, mocha, and saxophone, both adorned with a charming check pattern.


    Colors may appear different from the actual product due to lighting. Additionally, due to settings on the computer or smartphone, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image.


      Full length: 15.8 in, Bust: 31.5 in, Sleeve Length: 10.3 in, Shoulder Length: 13.4 in, Neck Depth: 6.7 in, Hem Width: 11.1 in,


    • Material:   RAYON 65% NYLON 35%
    • SKU:   SWNT232095
    • Imported

    Carefully Caring for your Barrier Puff Sleeve Cropped Knit Tops:

    Nurturing Longevity Through Gentle Care

    Congratulations on selecting the exquisite Barrier Puff Sleeve Cropped Knit Tops, a harmonious blend of fashion and comfort. To ensure these cherished pieces retain their allure and resilience, it's essential to approach their care with utmost caution. Our comprehensive care instructions have been meticulously crafted to prevent shrinkage, protect intricate patterns, and enhance their longevity. By embracing a gentle approach, you'll continue to enjoy these knit tops for future seasons.

    Mild Hand Wash Instructions:

    1. Preparation: Prepare a basin with lukewarm water. Opt for a mild detergent specifically designed for delicate fabrics. This choice minimizes stress on the fabric's fibers and maintains their integrity.

    2. Gentle Immersion: Submerge the knit tops in the water and gently agitate them, allowing dirt and impurities to loosen without harsh scrubbing. Refrain from excessive twisting or wringing, as these actions may compromise the knit's structure.

    3. Delicate Soak: Allow the garments to soak for approximately 10-15 minutes. This gentle soaking ensures that the detergent effectively cleanses without subjecting the fabric to undue stress.

    4. Careful Rinsing: Drain the soapy water and refill the basin with clean, lukewarm water. Gently swish the knit tops to ensure thorough rinsing, removing all traces of detergent.

    5. Minimal Pressure: To remove excess water, lay the knit tops flat on a clean towel and press gently. Avoid squeezing or wringing, as these actions may distort the fabric and patterns.

    6. Drying Protocol: Reshape the knit tops to their original forms and lay them flat on dry towels to air dry. Ensure proper ventilation while avoiding exposure to direct sunlight or heat sources, which may compromise the fabric's integrity.

    Machine Wash Instructions:

    Note: Hand washing is highly recommended to preserve the knit tops' quality. Machine washing is an alternative, but extreme caution is advised.

    1. Mesh Protection: If opting for machine washing, place the knit tops in separate mesh laundry bags to prevent friction and potential damage.

    2. Delicate Cycle: Choose the delicate or gentle cycle on your washing machine. Use cold water to minimize the risk of color fading and shrinkage.

    3. Mild Detergent Use: Add minimal mild detergent suitable for delicate fabrics. Overloading the machine should be avoided to prevent unnecessary agitation.

    4. Reduced Spin: Opt for a reduced spin cycle to minimize stress on the fabric, patterns, and structural integrity.

    5. Reshape and Air Dry: After the cycle concludes, carefully remove the knit tops from the mesh bags and reshape them to their original forms. Lay them flat on clean towels to air dry, away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

    Your commitment to gentle care ensures the Barrier Puff Sleeve Cropped Knit Tops continue to grace your wardrobe with elegance. By approaching their care with caution and respect, you're prolonging the life of these fashion treasures.