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Fewer fabric choices are as versatile as knitwear. Knitwear can mean just about anything for any season. At SNIDEL, you will find cozy cardigans for winter and fall, as well as knit dresses for summer and spring. We are proud of our versatile knitwear collections and our knitwear items are among our most popular. Knitwear lends itself perfectly to our refined street style ethos. You can find a fabulous, knitted dress for a night out in the same collection that you will find a cozy sweater for a night in. SNIDEL offers all kinds of knitwear at our brick and mortar and online stores. You can find great pieces like our bijou button soft knit cardigan for the cold months. And we have something like our A-line mini knit dress for the warmer ones. People who are up on fashion know that a petite knitted dress can be perfect in any season.

SNIDEL is one of the leading petite online stores for knitwear. has dozens of great knitwear options for the petite woman. Knitwear is popular with everyone because it is so versatile. Knitwear is defined as any piece of clothing that is knitted. That basically means anything from a knit cap to a crocheted dress. You can find a women’s knitted dress for spring, summer, fall, or winter on our website. Knitwear is also highly adaptable for different styles. If you are trying to put together a fun streetwear vibe, you can find a great knitwear outfit that fits the brief. You will also be able to find knitwear that is elegant for the most special of occasions. At SNIDEL, knitwear can mean anything from our Milky Smooth crocheted socks to a rib knit dress or rib knit pants. No matter what kind of outfit you are looking for, you can build it out of knitwear.




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