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Cozy Tweety Bird Graphic Tee

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Enjoy a comfortable summer time with Tweety's happy summer items

The third collaboration with Tweety, the adorable yellow canary character!
This is the first summer season, and Tweety's yellow is combined with original and lovely pinks and blues to create an energetic summer color.
Enjoy the playful and happy loungewear collection, which features plenty of pop designs and Tweety's expressiveness.

Tweety is a small but powerful canary that appears in the animation "Looney Tunes". With big blue eyes and a cute voice, he may seem like a cute canary at first glance, but he is actually quite a mischievous character. Despite his defenseless appearance, he is smart enough to use his wits to get out of any situation. Even now, more than 80 years after his birth, he is still loved all over the world. 

CICA (Cica)
Cica is extracted from the leaves and stems of Centella asiatica. The Centella asiatica is a plant of the Apiaceae family. The extracts is processed to form the textiles used.  

This knit pullover has a unique and soothing texture. It features three different types of jacquard. The catchy design also includes the brand logo.

It comes in three colors; the yellow one  features Tweety sitting down. The pink one features Tweety holding an ice cream. Those two are standard designs. The ivory one features Tweety sleeping on a fluffy cloud and is an exclusive design for this collaboration.
Enjoy coordinating it with the knit shorts from the same series (SHNP242051).

[Transparency] None
[Lining] None 
[Stretch] Yes
[Fabric Thickness] Standard

*Please note: Due to lighting conditions, the color may look different from the actual product. Also, the color of the product may differ slightly from the image depending on the environment of your computer or smartphone .

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Size & Chart

Size Length Bust Sleeve Length Shoulder Width Shoulder Length Neck Depth Hem Width
F 22 in 39.4 in 8.3 in 13.2 in 21.3 in 3.4 in 15.6 in