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Sustainability by SNIDEL


We use nylon recycled from the textile waste generated during production. It is a sustainable fabric that maintains nylon's lightness, durability, and strength, made from materials that would otherwise be thrown away, now reborn as a new fabric that connects the environment and the future of people.


Our recycled cotton is an environmentally friendly material made from yarn re-spun from cotton scraps, fallen cotton, and recovered garments that were discarded at spinning and sewing mills. Each pound of recycled cotton saves around 2,600 gallons of water. Its GRS certification verifies it was properly recycled.


About 91% of plastic is not recycled. Unsustainable fast fashion is a major generator of harmful plastic pollution. This 100% recycled material contains at least 50% GRS-certified recycled polyester, including used plastic bottles and waste from the spinning process. Compared to ordinary polyester, the recycled high quality yarn retains the same qualities of texture, luster, and breathability as “conventional” yarn.


Harmful chemicals are required in the plating process. After processing, these chemicals are neutralized and recycled to be used again in the factory in a non-toxic state. The wastewater is treated as well.


This synthetic leather is made from recycled waste materials such as plastic bottles. The recycled content is verified, and harmful environmental and chemical effects are minimized while considering environmental impact (such as wastewater management), social practices, and appropriate chemical substance management.


This new formula cuts out more than 90% of petroleum components while maintaining Vibram's quality standards. N-OIL has excellent grip and durability to provide safe walking in urban environments. The sole's unique color is made from 100% naturally derived pigments derived from natural minerals and plants.