Sustainability by SNIDEL

Sustainability by SNIDEL

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Recycled PET Bottles

A 100% recycled material that contains 50% or more of GRS certified recycled polyester, including used pet bottles and waste from the spinning process. Compared to general polyester, recycled high quality yarn retains a similar quality in texture, luster and lightness. In addition, the fibers have stable sustainability and are also characterized by good color development.

Vibram N-OIL

Vibram N-OIL is a new formulation that cuts over 90% of petroleum components while maintaining Vibram quality standards. N-OIL has grip and durability to provide safe walking in urban environments. The unique color of this sole uses 100% naturally derived pigments, including dried plants. 

ECO Plating

In the parting process, harmful chemicals have to be used. After processing, it is neutralized and recycled in the factory again in a detoxified state or wastewater is treated.