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【SNIDEL ✖️ PUMA】Sneakers

A sneaker designed in all white of different fabrics and with the accent of the yellow PUMA logo.
They are easy to pair with any outfit.

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【SNIDEL✖️ PUMA】Tiered Jersey Dress

A tiered dress with a relaxed fit made with lightweight jersey material. The straps, waist ribbon, and the wide open-back design have a plenty of ready-to-wear mood unique to "SNIDEL". Available in Ivory and Mint color.

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【 SNIDEL✖️PUMA 】Crewneck Sweatshirt

A Crewneck Sweatshirt that is made out of eco-friendly 100% organic cotton. Oversized fit that looks casual but designed in a silhouette that also gives a feminine touch.  


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