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Puff Sleeve Knit Dress

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Puff Elegance Knit Dress: Refined Mermaid Silhouette with Puff Sleeves and Docking Illusion - Elevate Your Style Now!

Introducing our Puff Sleeve Knit Dress – a masterpiece that fuses elegance and chic style seamlessly. The unique docking design emulates a ruffled blouse beneath, adorned with gathered ruffles and voluminous puff sleeves that radiate sophistication. The form-fitting mermaid cut embraces your curves and exudes undeniable femininity. The dress beautifully emphasizes your body's contours, enhanced by its sharp lines. Crafted from a blend of transparent, supple fabric and moderately thick knit, it promises comfort without compromising on style. Elevate your wardrobe with this dress, available in three exquisite colors: the bi-color and mode-infused black, the delicately hued pink beige, and the richly nuanced dark blue.

Elevate your fashion game with our Puff Sleeve Knit Dress, a versatile and alluring choice for various occasions. Whether you're seeking an outfit for a sophisticated evening or a stylish daytime event, this dress is designed to empower your sense of style. The docking illusion, paired with the delightful puff sleeves, elevates the dress to a new level of chicness, making it a standout piece in your collection.

The Key Features of this Puff Sleeve Knit Dress:

  1. Docking Illusion: The ruffled blouse illusion created by docking adds a layer of intrigue, transforming a simple knit dress into a statement piece.
  2. Glamorous Puff Sleeves: Gathered ruffles and voluminous puff sleeves infuse a touch of glamour and playfulness, setting this dress apart.
  3. Flattering Mermaid Cut: The figure-hugging mermaid silhouette accentuates your curves and creates an alluring profile that's bound to captivate your attention.
  4. Defined Body Contours: Crisp lines define your body's contours, enhancing the elegance of the dress while highlighting your natural beauty.
  5. Versatile Fabric Blend: The dress boasts a combination of transparent, supple fabric and moderately thick knit, providing both comfort and style.


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A combination of transparent and supple fabric and moderately thick knit. Available in 3 colors: black with a bi-color and mode atmosphere, pink beige with a feminine pale hue, and dark blue with a nuanced color tone.

  • Translucency:  Yes; Slightly 
  • Lining: None
  • Elasticity: Yes
  • Gloss: None
  • Thickness: Normal 


Colors may appear different from the actual product due to lighting. Additionally, due to settings on the computer or smartphone, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image.


    Full length: 48.1 in, Bust: 26.8 in, Sleeve Length: 14.6 in, Shoulder Length: 11.5 in, Neck Depth: 3.4 in, Waist: 22.9 in, Hip: 31.5 in, Hem Width: 40.2 in,


  • SKU:   SWNO231113
  • Imported

Carefully Caring for your Puff Sleeve Knit Dress

We understand the value of your Puff Sleeve Knit Dress from SNIDEL, designed to elevate your style and exude elegance. To ensure its longevity and retain its pristine appearance, follow these careful care instructions for both hand washing and machine washing.

Hand Wash Instructions:

  1. Fill a basin or sink with cold water.
  2. Add a mild, gentle detergent suitable for delicate fabrics.
  3. Gently agitate the water to create suds.
  4. Submerge the dress and allow it to soak for a few minutes.
  5. Gently agitate the dress in the water, paying attention to any stained areas.
  6. Rinse the dress thoroughly with cold water until all detergent is removed.
  7. Gently press the excess water out of the dress; avoid wringing or twisting.
  8. Lay the dress flat on a clean towel, and roll the towel to absorb more moisture.
  9. Reshape the dress to its original form and lay it flat on a dry towel to air dry.

Machine Wash Instructions:

  1. Place the dress in a mesh laundry bag to prevent snagging.
  2. Use a gentle cycle with cold water.
  3. Add a small amount of mild detergent suitable for delicate garments.
  4. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners.
  5. Once the cycle is complete, promptly remove the dress from the machine.
  6. Gently press the excess water out of the dress; avoid wringing or twisting.
  7. Lay the dress flat on a clean towel, and roll the towel to absorb more moisture.
  8. Reshape the dress to its original form and lay it flat on a dry towel to air dry.
By following these care instructions, you'll ensure that your Puff Sleeve Knit Dress remains a cherished addition to your wardrobe for years to come. This gentle approach to washing will safeguard its exquisite details, fabric quality, and overall elegance, allowing you to enjoy the dress's beauty and sophistication on various occasions.