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Tube Tops & Long Sleeve Tops Set

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Elevate Your Wardrobe: Tube Tops & Long Sleeve Tops Set

Introducing a fashion fusion that encapsulates chic and comfort – the Tube Tops & Long Sleeve Tops Set. This meticulously designed ensemble combines the soft allure of a knit bare top with the confident appeal of a brushed long-sleeve shirt. With a focus on versatile styling and individual pieces that can be worn separately, this set invites you to explore a world of possibilities while maintaining your signature style. 

The Tube Tops & Long Sleeve Tops Set is more than a mere outfit; it's a canvas for creativity. Whether you opt for a complete ensemble or mix and match with other pieces, this set empowers you to express yourself. With the option to wear each piece individually or as a harmonious duo, this set opens the door to many fashion expressions. This set adapts to your unique needs, from casual outings to more formal engagements. Every piece of the Tube Tops & Long Sleeve Tops Set is a statement of your style evolution. It's a testament to your appreciation for intricate design, comfort, and the seamless intertwining of contrasting elements. With the Tube Tops & Long Sleeve Tops Set, you're not just embracing a clothing set; you're embracing endless possibilities. Elevate your wardrobe with this versatile ensemble that captures the essence of modern elegance.

The Key Features of this Tube Tops & Long Sleeve Tops Set:

1. Dual Appeal, Effortless Elegance: The pairing of a knit bare top and a mannish long-sleeve shirt is a symphony of contrasts. It's an invitation to embrace femininity and a touch of nonchalant confidence in a single ensemble.
2. Flawless Silhouette: Tucked at the waist, the long-sleeved shirt beautifully sculpts your figure, adding a touch of grace to your demeanor. The result is a silhouette that effortlessly combines sophistication with ease.
3. Trendy Layering, Minimal Bulk: The Tube Tops & Long Sleeve Tops Set exemplifies modern layering without the cumbersome bulk. This set proves that layering can be fashionable and comfortable, perfect for seamlessly transitioning between different occasions.
4. Versatile Separates: Each piece of this set is a star. The shirt boasts a cotton-like synthetic material that exudes a subtle texture, while the knit bare top is crafted from a mohair alpaca blend for luxurious warmth and comfort.
5. Mood-Enhancing Colors: Choose from an array of hues to capture the essence of your style journey. From the delicate femininity of ivory to the mature allure of charcoal gray and the seasonal charm of olive, these colors amplify the season's ambiance.



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The shirt is made of a cotton-like synthetic material with a slight texture, and the bare top is made of a mohair alpaca blend knit material. Available in 3 colors: feminine ivory, chic and mature charcoal gray, and olive, which enhances the season's mood.


Colors may appear different from the actual product due to lighting. Additionally, due to settings on the computer or smartphone, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image.


    Full length: 28.8 in, Bust: 54 in, Sleeve Length: 22.1 in, Shoulder Length: 20.7 in, Sleeve Length: 32.5 in, Neck Depth: 2 in, Waist: 33.9 in, Hem Width: 33.3 in,


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Carefully Caring for Your Tube Tops & Long Sleeve Tops Set: A Guide to Gentle Maintenance for Enduring Elegance

Congratulations on acquiring the Tube Tops & Long Sleeve Tops Set – a harmonious blend of comfort and style. To ensure these garments remain as impeccable as the day you first wore them. By following these meticulous instructions, you'll safeguard their plushness, texture, and overall longevity, ensuring they grace your wardrobe elegantly.

Mild Hand Wash Instructions:

  1. Begin by preparing a basin of lukewarm water and adding a mild detergent suitable for delicate fabrics.
  2. Submerge the garments individually, allowing the water to permeate the fibers without harsh rubbing or twisting.
  3. Gently massage the fabric with your hands, ensuring a soft and delicate motion to cleanse the material without causing stress.
  4. Use a soft cloth or sponge to address any stains or spots gently.
  5. Rinse the garments thoroughly under cool, running water until the detergent is completely removed.
  6. Squeeze out excess water by pressing the fabric between clean towels. Refrain from wringing or squeezing forcefully.

Machine Wash Instructions:

  1. Place each garment in separate mesh laundry bags to prevent friction and potential damage during the cycle.
  2. Opt for a delicate or gentle cycle with cold water, and use a mild detergent formulated for delicate fabrics.
  3. Avoid using bleach or strong chemicals that could compromise the texture or color of the garments.
  4. Once the cycle is complete, remove the garments from the machine to prevent creasing or stretching.
  5. Press the fabric between clean towels to remove excess moisture without altering the shape.

General Care Tips:

  • Avoid exposing the garments to heat sources, such as radiators or direct sunlight, as they could cause damage.
  • Refrain from hanging the garments, as this could lead to stretching. Instead, store them in a cool, well-ventilated area.
  • If ironing becomes necessary, use a low heat setting and place a cloth between the iron and the fabric to prevent direct contact.
Your Tube Tops & Long Sleeve Tops Set is more than just clothing; it's an investment in enduring elegance. By offering these pieces meticulous care, you're ensuring they continue to enchant with their softness and allure.