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Side Line Lace Skirt

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This long skirt is constructed of lace fabric with sporty stripes on the side for a sporty look. The inner lining is removable and allows you to layer it with pants or leggings for a trendy look. The asymmetric hem flows effortlessly to lift up your mood this season.

The sporty stripes are made with crocheted lace which has a relaxed, toned-down quality. The color of the stripes differs for each color, imparting a unique mood for each variation

Material: skirt polyester 66% cotton 34% petticoat polyester 93% spandex 7% polyester 66% cotton 34% polyester 93% spandex 7%


0(Small): Full Length:32.9in,Waist:27.9/24.4in, Bottom Width:130.7in

1(Medium): Full Length:33.7in,Waist:29.5/26.0in, Bottom Width:134.6in


※ Please note that the picture is a sample and the specifications such as color and size may vary on the actual product. Colors may differ slightly depending on your device's screen resolution, monitor settings, or phone settings. 


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