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Shell Shape Hair Clip

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A new color of the popular vacation clip from the previous season is now available! The "SNIDEL HOME" original marble pattern on the light clear base gives an elegant impression. Just by using it to tie your hair up quickly, it will make your home time feel luxurious.  Also can double as support for a fancy up- do for a night on the town! The rounded shell shape carries a strong feminine energy in the design. 

*Depending on the lighting, the color may look different from the actual color.
Also, the color of the product may differ slightly from that of the image depending on the environment such as PC or smartphone. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

*Please refer to the product image for the color of the product.
*Please note that the product image is a sample, so the color and size may change. 


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  • Material:   RESIN 
  • SKU:  SHGG215251
  • Imported


    SIZE Height Length
    4.2cm 7.6cm

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