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High Waisted Ribbed Knit Flared Pants

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Elevate Your Style Sustainably with SNIDEL High Waisted Ribbed Knit Flared Pants—Where Elegance Meets Comfort!

Introducing SNIDEL's High Waisted Ribbed Knit Flared Pants—the epitome of fashion where elegance and comfort unite seamlessly. These pants redefine the way you experience style and sustainability, offering a luxurious feel akin to your favorite leggings but with a stylish twist.

With a slim silhouette that elongates and gracefully skims your legs, these pants provide an effortlessly streamlined look that's flattering for all body types. The ankle-length cut and the playful flared hem add a hint of chic playfulness while maintaining a sense of ease in your attire.

What truly sets these pants apart is their eco-friendly Tencel material, making them sustainably stylish. Tencel is known for its ability to hold moisture and its supple, soft touch, ensuring not only comfort but also a commitment to environmental responsibility.

For added convenience, these pants feature a handy slit at the back, allowing you to walk with ease and grace. When you choose these pants, you're not just wearing a piece of clothing; you're making a statement—one that reflects your dedication to both style and sustainability.

Available in three sophisticated colors—casual ivory, Saxe blue as an accent color, and versatile brown—these pants offer you a range of options to express your unique style while championing eco-conscious fashion.

The Key Features of High-Waisted Ribbed Knit Flared Pants:

  1. Slim Silhouette: These pants boast a slim silhouette that elongates and gracefully skims your legs, providing an effortlessly streamlined look that flatters all body types.

  2. Flared Hem: The playful flared hem adds a chic touch of playfulness while maintaining a sense of ease and comfort in your attire.

  3. Eco-friendly Tencel Material: Crafted from eco-friendly Tencel material, these pants not only prioritize your comfort but also reflect your commitment to sustainable fashion.

  4. Moisture Management: Tencel material is known for its moisture-holding capabilities, ensuring a comfortable and supple feel throughout the day.

  5. Handy Back Slit: Featuring a convenient slit at the back, these pants allow you to walk with ease and grace, enhancing your overall comfort and style.


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Eco-friendly Tencel material. The material holds in moisture and has a supple and soft touchOffered in three colors: casual ivory, Saxe blue as an accent color, and versatile brown.



Colors may appear different from the actual product due to lighting. Additionally, due to settings on the computer or smartphone, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image.



Full length:36in ,Waist:25.2in Hip:29.1in,Hight rise:8in/8.7in,Low rise:28in,Width of thing:7.9in/9.4in,Hem width:8.9in


Full length:36in ,Waist:25.2in Hip:29.1in,Hight rise:8.1in/8.7in,Low rise:28in,Width of thing:7.9in/9.5in,Hem width:8.9in


  • Material: TENCEL® LYOCELL 64% NYLON 16% WOOL 9% COTTON 8% SPANDEX 3%
  • SKU: SWNP195079


Care Instructions:

 To ensure your high-waisted ribbed knit flared pants maintain their style, comfort, and eco-conscious charm, follow these care instructions:

  1. Gentle Machine Wash or Hand Wash: We recommend using a gentle cycle on your washing machine with cold water to protect the fabric's quality. Alternatively, hand wash the pants with care.

  2. Use Mild Detergent: Opt for a mild, non-bleach detergent to safeguard the fabric's color and texture. Avoid harsh chemicals that may compromise the integrity of the Tencel material.

  3. Button and Fastening Care: Prior to washing or storing, ensure all buttons and fastenings are securely fastened to prevent damage or snagging.

  4. Air Dry: After washing, lay your high-waisted ribbed knit flared pants flat to air dry. Avoid hanging them, as this may lead to stretching or misshaping. Ensure they are completely dry before storing.

  5. Storage: Store your pants in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. To prevent wrinkles and maintain their shape, fold them neatly and avoid overcrowding in your closet.

By following these care instructions, you'll extend the life and allure of your high-waisted ribbed knit flared pants, ensuring they remain a chic and sustainably stylish addition to your fashion repertoire for seasons to come.