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Open Shoulder Frill Mini Knit Dress

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Elevate Your Style: Open Shoulder Frill Mini Knit Dress

Introducing a dazzling fusion of trend and affordability, the Open Shoulder Frill Mini Knit Dress by SNIDEL is a manifestation of grace and innovation. This exquisite dress ingeniously combines the renowned "SNIDEL" ruffled sleeve knit with the allure of a mini dress, ensuring you can embrace fashion-forward elegance without compromise. Crafted with gratitude for the year 2022, this dress is both a celebration of style and a nod to budget-conscious sensibilities.

The Open Shoulder Frill Mini Knit Dress transcends conventional fashion boundaries, offering an unmatched blend of innovation and affordability. Every stitch is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the best of both worlds: an iconic design and a budget-conscious approach. As you don this dress, you become a walking testament to grace, innovation, and appreciation for the year gone by.

Whether you're stepping into a social event, exploring the city, or attending a gathering with loved ones, this dress effortlessly accompanies you. The open shoulders infuse flair, the silhouette adds elegance, and the ruffled sleeve knit elevates your style quotient. This dress is more than fabric; it's a manifestation of your confidence, your appreciation for fine craftsmanship, and your penchant for trend-setting fashion.

The Key Features of this Open Shoulder Frill Mini Knit Dress:

1. Iconic Ruffled Sleeve Knit: Experience the allure of SNIDEL's signature ruffled sleeve knit, now adorning a mini dress. The infusion of this iconic design element adds a touch of opulence and sophistication to the dress, making it an instant head-turner.
2. Affordable Elegance: With a heartfelt appreciation for the year 2022, we've crafted this dress at an affordable price point, ensuring that fashion excellence is accessible to all. This unique blend of style and affordability is a tribute to our commitment to empowering your wardrobe choices.
3. Tucked Open Shoulders: The dress boasts artfully tucked open shoulders that effortlessly breathe life into your ensemble. This detail adds a touch of playfulness while allowing for versatile styling, making it a wardrobe staple for a variety of occasions.
4. Versatile Silhouette: Embrace a silhouette that strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and sophistication. This design approach ensures that the dress can seamlessly transition from casual outings to formal gatherings, catering to diverse fashion preferences.
5. Trio of Captivating Colors: Choose your fashion expression from a trio of captivating colors. The spring-like IVR radiates freshness, the PNK exudes a playful charm, and the versatile BLK exudes understated elegance. Each hue enriches the dress's character, allowing you to personalize your style.


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Colors may appear different from the actual product due to lighting. Additionally, due to settings on the computer or smartphone, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image.


Size Length Bust Sleeve Length Shoulder Width Neck Depth Waist Hem Width
F. 33.9 in 27.6 in 22.1 in 10.9 in 3.2 in 26 in 29.6 in


  • Material: ACRYLIC 72% POLYESTER 28%
  • SKU: SWNO231027
  • Imported

Carefully Caring for your Open Shoulder Frill Mini Knit Dress: Preserving Elegance through Gentle Care

The Open Shoulder Frill Mini Knit Dress is a masterpiece that fuses sophistication with affordability, embodying the SNIDEL spirit. To safeguard its allure, prevent shrinkage, and extend its lifespan, meticulous care is paramount.

Mild Hand Wash:

  1. Preparation: Prepare a basin of lukewarm water and add a mild detergent designed for delicate fabrics. Avoid abrasive cleansers to protect the dress's knit integrity.
  2. Gentle Agitation: Immerse the dress gently and swish it by hand. Refrain from excessive rubbing, twisting, or wringing, as it can distort the knit pattern.
  3. Limited Soak: Limit soaking time to 10 minutes to cleanse without compromising the dress's structure.
  4. Rinsing: Rinse under cool, running water to remove detergent thoroughly.
  5. Excess Water Removal: Gently press the dress between absorbent towels to remove excess water. Avoid vigorous squeezing to prevent stretching.
  6. Drying: Lay the dress flat on a clean, dry towel, reshaping it as needed. Prevent stretching by avoiding hanging or direct sunlight exposure.

Machine Wash (Delicate Cycle):

  1. Preparation: Place the dress inside a mesh laundry bag to shield it from friction and potential snags.
  2. Delicate Cycle Selection: Opt for a front-loading washing machine and choose a delicate or gentle cycle with cold water. Refrain from using machines with agitators.
  3. Appropriate Detergent: Utilize a mild, pH-balanced detergent tailored for delicate fabrics.
  4. Load Balance: Avoid overloading the machine to allow free movement during washing.
  5. Gentle Wash: Opt for the shortest wash cycle with minimal agitation to preserve the knit's structure.
  6. Spin and Rinse: After washing, choose a gentle spin cycle to expel excess water. Ensure proper support to prevent stretching.
  7. Drying: Refer to the hand wash drying process to maintain the dress's form and texture.

By exercising these cautious instructions, you embrace the ethos of SNIDEL while ensuring the Open Shoulder Frill Mini Knit Dress remains a symbol of your elegance and care. In your commitment to preserving fashion excellence, you also contribute to the dress's extended lifespan and your joyful style encounters.