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【MilkySmooth】Middle Ribbed Cardigan

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[Beauty Fabric]
"SNIDEL HOME" original smooth knit is made by using Milky Moist thread developed by Toray. At Toray they knead natural amino acid (the nutrient of milk) into the fiber   which is a moisturizing ingredient with mild antibacterial effects on the skin. We hope you enjoy this highly functional yet soft knit.

[Description of beauty ingredients]
Hyaluronic acid is a moisturizing ingredient that binds water molecules together. It gives moisture and firmness to the skin.

This knit cardigan has a middle length and is very versatile. This item has a loose silhouette and wide ribbing that will emphasize the vertical line and the deep V-neck giving you a sharp feminine look. This item has a soft texture and can be worn casually over a sleeveless inner garment. The chest is accented with a logo emblem patch.

  • Material:  ACRYLIC 42% NYLON 29% RAYON 28% SPANDEX 1%
  • SKU:  SHNT215016
  • Imported

See-Through Feeling: None
Lining: None
Elasticity: Yes
Glossiness: Moderate
Thickness: Normal

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