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Gauze Bow Headband

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[Beauty Fabric]
This product has been treated with anywise treatment, which combines the fibers with three cosmetics-approved ingredients: sucrawan, collagen, and undecylenic acid monoglyceride. Gives the moisture to the skin and prevents dryness while making the dough moist. Because the fibers and beauty ingredients are molecularly combined by special technology, the effect does not change even after repeated washing compared to conventional processing.

This headband is made from fluffy triple gauze material. The shirring on the entire surface gives it a stress-free fit without any tightening. The large ribbon catches the eye and adds can be the statement piece for your day. We also recommended as a gift with the matching room wear.

*Depending on the lighting, the color may look different from the actual color.
Also, the color of the product may differ slightly from that of the image depending on the environment such as PC or smartphone. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

*Please refer to the product image for the color of the product.
*Please note that the product image is a sample, so the color and size may change. 


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  • Material:   COTTON 100%
  • SKU:   SHGG215214
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