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Flared Layered Skorts

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Elevate Your Style with Flared Layered Skorts: A Dynamic Fusion of Fashion and Comfort

Introducing the Flared Layered Skorts by SNIDEL USA, where fashion meets functionality in perfect harmony. These skorts redefine your wardrobe with their dynamic layered design, delivering a look that effortlessly combines flair and comfort. Dive into the details of this exceptional piece and discover why it's a must-have addition to your collection.

The Flared Layered Skorts by SNIDEL USA embodies the essence of modern fashion, offering a blend of creativity, comfort, and versatility. These skorts aren't just clothing; they're an expression of your unique style, designed to empower you in every way.

Imagine effortlessly moving through your day with the grace and confidence these skorts provide. Whether you're pairing them with a casual tee, a sophisticated blouse, or your favorite accessories, the Flared Layered Skorts adapt to your fashion whims with ease.

These skorts are more than a wardrobe addition; they're a statement of your individuality and a testament to your commitment to both style and comfort.

The Key Features of these Flared Layered Skorts:

1. Dynamic Layered Design: The Flared Layered Skorts are a creative fusion of shorts and a layered fabric overlay. This unique design adds a dynamic dimension to your outfit, creating a sense of movement and enhancing your femininity. Whether you're strolling down the street or attending a special occasion, these skorts ensure you stand out with every step.
2. Elasticized Back Waist: We understand the importance of comfort. That's why the back waist of these skorts features an elasticized band, providing a secure and flexible fit. Say goodbye to the discomfort of rigid waistbands and hello to all-day ease. You'll move freely and confidently in these skorts, no matter where your day takes you.
3. Luxurious Fabric: Crafted from glossy and supple fabric, these skorts offer a touch of luxury to your everyday wear. The material's subtle sheen adds a hint of elegance to your ensemble, making these skorts equally suitable for casual outings and special occasions. The suppleness of the fabric ensures a comfortable fit that moves with you.
4. Versatile Color Options: Available in three distinct colors, the Flared Layered Skorts cater to your style preferences. Choose from classic and versatile white and black options for timeless elegance, or opt for the bold and eye-catching red to make a statement. No matter your choice, these skorts are designed to complement your individual style.


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Made with glossy and supple fabric. Available in 3 different colors: basic white and black, plus bright red.
Transparency; No
Lining; Yes
Elasticity; No
Glossiness; Slightly Yes Fabric
thickness; Normal


Colors may appear different from the actual product due to lighting. Additionally, due to settings on the computer or smartphone, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image.


size Length waist Rise Subsidiaries Crossing width hem width
0 18 in
25 in
12 in
5 in
14 in
23 in
1 18 in
27 in
12 in 
5 in
15 in 23 in


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Carefully Caring for Your Flared Layered Skorts: A Guide to Longevity and Beauty

At SNIDEL USA, we understand that your Flared Layered Skorts are more than just clothing; they're an expression of your style and individuality. To ensure they maintain their beauty and longevity, we recommend following these care instructions diligently.

Why Gentle Wash Matters

Your Flared Layered Skorts are crafted with care and precision, using delicate fabrics and unique designs. To protect their shape, color, and overall quality, gentle washing is crucial. This approach not only prevents shrinkage but also maintains the fabric's suppleness, ensuring you continue to look and feel your best.

Hand Washing:

  1. Prepare: Fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water. Add a mild detergent designed for delicate fabrics. Dissolve it thoroughly in the water.

  2. Soak: Submerge your skorts in the soapy water. Gently agitate the water to distribute the detergent evenly.

  3. Cleanse: Gently rub the fabric together, paying extra attention to any stained or soiled areas. Avoid harsh scrubbing or twisting, as this can damage the delicate fibers.

  4. Rinse: Drain the soapy water and refill the basin with clean, lukewarm water. Rinse your skorts thoroughly, ensuring all detergent is removed. You may need to repeat this step to ensure no residue remains.

  5. Excess Water Removal: Gently press your skorts against the basin's side to remove excess water. Do not wring or twisting, as this can deform the fabric.

  6. Drying: Lay your skorts flat on a clean, dry towel. Reshape them to their original dimensions, paying attention to any layered elements. Allow them to air dry away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Machine Washing (If Necessary):

  1. Protection: Place your Flared Layered Skorts inside a mesh laundry bag. This prevents them from getting tangled or rubbed against other garments.

  2. Setting: Select a delicate or hand wash cycle on your washing machine. Use cold water and a mild detergent designed for gentle fabrics.

  3. Load Size: Avoid overloading the machine to prevent excessive agitation. Your skorts should have ample space to move freely.

  4. Wash: Start the machine and let it complete the cycle.

  5. Excess Water Removal: After the cycle finishes, remove your skorts from the mesh bag and gently press them against a clean, dry towel to remove excess water.

  6. Drying: Follow the same air drying process as described in the hand washing section. Lay them flat to maintain their shape.

General Care Tips:

  • Storage: When storing your skorts, fold them neatly to prevent creases and maintain their shape.

  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Steer clear of bleach or fabric softeners, as they can damage the delicate fabric.

By following these care instructions, you'll ensure your Flared Layered Skorts stay as beautiful and comfortable as the day you first wore them. With proper care, you'll enjoy their timeless elegance for seasons to come.