2021 Autumn Winter Collection
Press Release


Classic designs with a hint of street style brushed up with a perfect balance of feminine and mannish, trad details.
Our trendy new monogram adds an essence of high street wear and produces a refined, sophisticated look.
Finished with a color palette that brightens the mood.

Introducing a grand line up consisting of styles that will bring out confidence from within:
2021 Winter Collection


Check / Monogram / Jacquard / Tweed / Dot


Green / Plum Red / Fuchsia Pink / Lavender / Blue Gray


Ruffle Frills / Big collar / Bow Tie / Mermaid Line

2021 Collaboration Topics

A beloved cartoon that has been around for more than 80 years:
 Tom and Jerry.
The long-awaited feature collection has arrived!
Featuring playful graphics cut directly out of a scene from the animation.
A collection for all generations, only found at SNIDEL.


SNIDEL’s second collaboration
with sports brand PUMA.

Mixing sporty streetwear with SNIDEL’s
feminine details, items were created in
pursuit of achieving a comfortable
and stylish line up that can be worn daily. 

SNIDEL's first collaboration with HARUTA,
a long-established Japanese leather shoe brand that is highly 
regarded across the globe.

Introducing SNIDEL’s original model bit loafers created with HARUTA’s technology that boasts a history of 104 years.
Enjoy a special pair that is tailored by craftsmen from scratch!

This season's collection features mannish designs with an
effortless charm. These loafers are definitely
a piece to look out for!

The upper material is created with durable, real leather that maintains its shape and can be worn for a long time.


SNIDEL meets NEW ERA®, a brand that
continues to make great strides as the
world's best head wear company.

NEW ERA®’s popular signature model 9TWENTY ™ is embroidered with SNIDEL’s original monogram for a classic, sporty impression.

The shallow crown makes this piece a great addition to any outfit.



PET Bottles

A 100% recycled material that contains 50% or more of GRS certified
recycled polyester, made with a variety of recyclables including
pet bottles during the spinning process.

 The high quality and eco-friendly yarn retains similar quality in texture, luster and lightness as common polyester fabric.

 Additionally, the fibers have excellent dyeability and are characterized with good color development.

Recycled Leather

Artificial leather made from recyclables such as plastic.

SNIDEL is aiming to minimize the environmental damage by testing recycled materials and putting the well being of the planet and chemical material control into consideration. 

Eco Plating

Our plating process is neutralized and recycled
at the factory in a detoxified state to
eliminate harmful chemicals.


144 Orchard st.New York, NY10002

Press Kento Takayama

Instagram : @snidel_usa